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A Punters take on the escort scene

A Punters take on the escort scene

Monday 9th April 2018

I've been enjoying the company of British escorts, especially Nottingham escorts for the best part of the decade, sometimes once or twice a week, sometimes once or twice a year. Over the course of these years I have been (briefly) married, and had two long term relationships where I cohabited with my partners - and at no time did they remotely suspect my secret hobby. For one reason or another these relationships didn't last the course, I think mainly due to my not being able to commit enough time to them. I work for myself and spend a great amount of time traveling the country between clients - and thanks to this I have also met escorts from all corners of the UK.

Guys who are interested in getting to know the escort scene would be well advised on avoiding a couple of the mistakes that I made on my first date. Taking out an escort is much different to visiting a brothel or arranging a casual shag with a stranger online; it ought to be taken as a full evening's entertainment with the sex being the cherry on top at the end of the night. It's poor form and reflects poorly on the punter to rush things along, the lady should always and without exception be treated with the utmost respect and concern. Trust me - this will make things much more fun later on.

Also remember that each escort has a story to tell, and it's quite amazing now how diverse the range of backgrounds that these girls come from is. Recently I went for dinner with an escort from The Viva Escorts who was studying for a doctorate, and just last week spent an evening with a local girl from Edinburgh with the longest legs I have ever known. Thanks to spending a great amount of time on the road, I now have at least a couple of dozen of girls who I can call up and arrange a date when I'm going to be staying in their town.

It's great meeting up again with girls - in their words being a 'regular' - as it does establish a kind of relationship that extends beyond the service that ultimately I will be paying for. They know what I like, and remember that I am a gentleman who treats them with respect and leaves a quality tip on the bedside table - what's not to like?

Thanks to smart phones and the web it's so easy now to arrange a date with exclusive escorts pretty much anywhere in the country, as there are now thousands of girls getting involved in the scene. There's few better ways to spend a train journey than browsing profiles of the ladies who are available for a date that evening, and it also makes for a perfect reward after a long day's work.